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One of the largest Leyland Cypress tree growers in Georgia!

leylandsCedar Hill Nursery specializes in Leyland Cypress tree wholesale. We grow more than 70000 leyland cypress trees a year on our property, which makes us one of the largest nurseries in the area. Our main line of customers are wholesalers and people of the trade, landscapers, developers etc. Due to our large stock of leyland cypress trees, we can supply the quantity and quality needed by the professionals. Ceadar Hill Nursery is located 20 minutes west of Valdosta, Georgia.

We grow more than 70.000 leyland cypress trees a year...
All our trees are 100% propagated, raised and grown on our land!

Leylands are a great landscape and ornamental tree that has become immensely popular through the United States. Due to their rapid growth and dense body, they make excellent noise, view or dust barriers. To demonstrate one of the many uses in your development projects, please take a look at a leyland cypress landscaping example, that covers a 3 year period.

Available sizes:
7 gallon Leyland Cypress trees Full tree 7 gallon Leyland Cypress trees 10 gallon 3 gallon Leyland Cypress trees 3 gallon

top reasons to use leyland cypress
select  Will grow on a wide range of soil types
select  Rapid growth makes great landscape barriers.
select  Resistance to almost all insects and diseases.
select  Doesn't seem to bother most people with allergies.
select  Naturally keeps its "Christmas Tree shape".
select  Requires little or no care.

pictures of our Leyland Cypress trees and farm

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